Myōbu specializes in clothing manufacturing service. Our Creative Director Nikos Kriemadis oversees the whole process, where he has the final say, thus ensuring that all our clothes will have the utmost attention to detail.

Our driving force and first priority is our passion for creation combined with the authenticity of the unique outcome that our clothes are known for. We choose high quality raw material and then proceed to it's design. We exclusively use quality fabrics sourced in Europe...


Combining streetwear with high fashion, high-quality fabrics with exceptional craftsmanship, elegant style with "smart" clothing we created a series of super limited essential clothes designed and sewn by hand with attention to the smallest detail, so that they have the perfect line and are incredibly comfortable at the same time.

Myōbu is tailored to perfection for a flawless fit and line.


Recognizing the need for clothes without an expiration date, in addition to the exclusive use of the best and most durable fabrics but also raw materials from Greece and abroad, Nikos Kriemadis, a modern dressmaker, ambassador of sustainability and the 3R mentality "reduce", "reuse" and "recycle"...


Nikos Kriemadis grew up in tailoring shops. From one generation to the next, he learned the art of sewing and mending from his grandmother and mother. In 1950 his grandmother opened the first tailoring shop in the center of Athens and then his mother, keeping the tradition until today, maintains one of the best clothing repairs and alterations shops in Drosia.

Nikos combined streetwear with high fashion, the high-quality fabrics with the exceptional craftsmanship, the elegant style with the "smart" dressing and he created a line of super limited essential clothes designed and sewn by hand with attention to the smallest detail, in order to have the perfect cut and to be extremely cool.

FALL - WINTER 22' 23'

Nowadays our society calls for elegance and simplicity brought together harmonically with nature.


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